Certification Wildlife Detection Dogs

The use of wildlife detection dog teams is complex and not trivial in terms of training the dogs/teams. An inspection of a habitat always involves potential disturbances for the target species and the ecosystem. Therefore, each inspection for deployment or training should be weighed in a cost-benefit analysis. For a professional inspection, apart from permissions, the ability of the human sniffer dog team must also be tested. In addition to internal inspections, which every dog handler should carry out regularly, this can be ensured by independent certifications. The development of a European certification for Wildlife Detection Dogs in cooperation with international experts is one of WDD e.V.’s main goals. Currently, the committee “Quality Standards” is working on a certification for species detection dog teams, which will test both the necessary theoretical background knowledge of the dog handler and the practical skills of the team. This certification will be tested by trained wildlife detection dog handlers with operational experience who have been selected by an external team of experts and are currently being trained as examiners.

As soon as a final test regulation is available it will be published here. Upcoming examinations will then also be announced on the Wildlife Detection Dog e.V. website.